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Wrapping of wood-based material

We manufacture interior details for house builders, the kitchen and furniture industry and window installers/replacers. At abeco, we work with sheathing of wood-based material - e.g. chipboard, MDF, plywood, spruce - covered with foil or veneer, untreated or varnished. We also supply components of the above materials without sheathing, for example suspension strips with center pins.

We manufacture interior details for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stealth panels for windows and doors, slats for acoustic panels and moldings such as lining and plinths according to customer requirements.

We also perform post-processing on produced material such as cutting, drilling and plugging ready for assembly.

You will find us in the small town of Hishult in southern Halland, Sweden.

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New - abeco louse strip - protection against bedbugs

abeco collaborates with the bedbug specialist Nattaro Labs AB and offers a simple and effective protection against bedbugs. As bedbugs like to hide behind the floor mouldings in the bedroom, it is a perfect place to use a preventive and active protection. Most mouldings from abeco can be produced with Nattaro's patented bedbug tape, Nattaro Safe®. Protecting your property against bedbugs with the help of abeco's floor mouldings with Nattaro Safe® is both simple and cost-effective.

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