Ribs for acoustic panels and ribbed walls

Ribs for acoustic panels are an important component for creating high-quality acoustic panels and ribbed walls. They provide strength and stability to the panels, while contributing to the aesthetics and design of the rib walls. abeco has been manufacturing and wrapping interior details since the 1970s and can offer your company different types of slats for acoustic panels.  

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Production of acoustic panels and ribbed walls

As a manufacturer of acoustic panels and ribbed walls, it is important to offer a wide variety of ribs to meet the different needs and preferences of the customer. Slats can be found in different colors and types of wood, for example oak, birch, ash and walnut, and they can also be lacquered or oiled according to the customer's wishes. It is also important to use high-quality material for the slats, to ensure that the panels are reliable and last over time. The ribs are made to exact dimensions to fit perfectly with the panels. If you also want the ends of the slats to be veneered, for example for a slatted wall with horizontal slats, abeco can also edge them.

Customized solutions

abeco offers you, as a manufacturer of acoustic panels, slats adapted to your needs. abeco produces custom-made slats according to the customer's specification. We can offer wrapped slats with either unlacquered or lacquered veneer, or with a cheaper foil alternative. If you want contrast with a visible MDF edge, for example black MDF, we can also offer veneer-wrapped black MDF boards that are sawn into slats according to the customer's wishes. Please get in touch with your request, we at abeco can do this with ribs!

Here you can see some examples of surface materials.

ribbor till akustikpaneler och ribbväggar

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