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I filmen presenteras abecos lösning i kampen mot vägglöss, golvsockeln Lusifer®. Vi tillverkar Lusifer® både som standard golvsocklar och nu även som kabelsockel vilken är perfekt anpassad för hotell, studentboenden och liknande fastigheter. Den eleganta och praktiska designen gör det enkelt att hålla kablar organiserade och samtidigt förebygga vägglöss och andra skadeinsekter. En smart lösning för en mer bekväm och hygienisk vistelse.

Skydd mot vägglöss med hjälp av lister utrustade med lustejp från Nattaro Labs

Floor mouldings with bedbug protection.

Protection against bedbugs - abeco has the solution

abeco collaborates with the bedbug specialist Nattaro Labs AB and offers a simple and effective protection against bedbugs. As bedbugs like to hide behind the floor mouldings in the bedroom, it is a perfect place to use a preventive and active protection. Most mouldings from abeco can be produced with Nattaro's patented bedbug tape, Nattaro Safe®. Protecting your property against bedbugs with the help of abeco's floor mouldings with Nattaro Safe® is both simple and cost-effective.

Protects all properties against bedbugs

Nattaro Safe® is designed to create a narrow tunnel, perfect for bedbugs to hide in. Nattaro Safe® is infused with diatomaceous earth (DE), which is a natural compound that destroys the protective wax layer of the bedbug, resulting in the pest drying out and dying. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is completely harmless to humans and pets if touched. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is effective against bedbugs, silverfish, ants, small cockroaches, etc. For hotels or similar properties, the combination of Nattaro Safe® fitted in a cable moulding from abeco is perfect. With Nattaro Safe®, you avoid both an expensive and troublesome sanitation process, and the protection basically lasts as long as the moulding remains.

Give the room an elegant finish with veneered or foiled mouldings while protecting your property against bedbugs. abeco's mouldings equipped with Nattaro Safe® are suitable for all types of properties.

Frequently asked questions about bedbug protection

How long does it take to sanitize bedbugs?

Every year, roughly 35 000 sanitations of bedbugs are carried out in Sweden (as comparison - 10 975 house burglaries took place year 2022). It is an extensive and costly process to sanitize and it usually takes several weeks. As a resident, you may have to move out if the property needs heat remediation (takes seven days). Follow-up checks with specially trained dogs may need to be done to ensure that no bedbugs have remained hidden.

Is it difficult to install abeco mouldings with Nattaro Safe?

No, it's simple! The floor mouldings are delivered ready-made and installed like a normal moulding. The only thing you need to do is fold up the top flap before mounting. See our installation instructions here.

Do I have to change all the floor mouldings in the house?

abeco's floor mouldings with Nattaro Safe® are a preventive bedbug protection. If you do not want to put them in all rooms, we recommend installing them in bedrooms and living rooms

How long does the protection last?

The protection lasts a very long time. As long as the property maintains a normal temperature and is not exposed to an abnormally high moisture content, such as in the case of water damage, the protection lasts basically as long as the moulding is attached. If you remove the moulding, for example when replacing the floor or wallpapering, you should replace the moulding.

Bedbugs - a growing concern

Over the past 20 years bedbugs have increased worldwide. One reason for this is their developed ability to adapt to different environments. Other contributing factors are increased travel, globalization and lack of proactive treatment. As bedbugs spread in our homes, the risk of bedbugs spreading to public spaces such as hospitals, hotels and student accommodation also increases. The sanitation work when bedbugs have entered a property is very costly and extensive. By using proactive protection you can therefore save both time and money.

You cannot get bedbugs naturally from nature. They spread with humans, usually through bags and clothes in connection with trips or hotel stays. In adulthood, bedbugs are roughly the size of an apple core, 4-5 mm. It moves by crawling and as long as there is food (i.e. people) nearby, the bedbug has no reason to leave. In the absence of food, bedbugs can hibernate for up to a year.

When the bedbug is empty of food, it is almost completely transparent and around 1 mm thin. Bedbugs often stay in the bedroom and then appear in the dark. A female bedbug lays between 1-5 eggs a day, the eggs hatch within 1-2 weeks and can suck blood immediately after hatching. The bite of a bed bug causes itching, redness, swelling and in some people even an allergic reaction.

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Customized solutions

At abeco, we work with wood-based material - e.g. chipboard, MDF, plywood, spruce - wrapped with foil or veneer, untreated or varnished. We also supply components of the above materials without foil or veneer, for example details that are exactly cut, drilled, with dowels etc.

We manufacture, according to customer wishes, interior details for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sills for windows and doors, and other standard mouldings. Most of our mouldings can be fitted with Nattaro Safe® to protect the property against bedbugs.

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