Welcome to abeco

– Manufacturer of mouldings and wooden components

Wrapping of wood-based material

Since the 1970s, abeco has been manufacturing interior details for house builders, the kitchen and furniture industry and window fitters/replacers. At abeco, we work with wrapping of wood-based material - e.g. chipboard, MDF, plywood, spruce - covered with foil or veneer, untreated or varnished. We also supply components of the above materials without wrapping, for example wooden components with center pins.

We manufacture, according to customer wishes, interior details for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stealth panels for windows and doors, mouldings such as lining and plinths. We also perform post-processing on produced material such as cutting, drilling and plugging ready for assembly.

You will find us in the small town of Hishult in southern Halland, Sweden.

Our products


Among other things, we manufacture different types of mouldings, panels and plinths. These can be packaged for a house, staircase or apartment. See all our construction products here.

Kitchen and Bath

We offer a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom products in the form of mouldings. See all our products for kitchen and bath here.

Ribs for acoustic/wall panels

Ribs for acoustic panels are an important component for creating high-quality acoustic panels and ribbed walls. They provide strength and stability to the panels, while contributing to the aesthetics and design of the rib walls. Read more here.