Window sills

Window sills with chipboard or MDF frame

abeco supplies window sills with solid chipboard or MDF frame to ensure durability and quality. The window sills can be wrapped with white finish foil with SH lacquer, foil with wood structure or veneer. We offer a wide range of surface materials such as beech, oak, birch, maple etc. Here you will find examples of surface materials for our panels and moldings.

Window sills in various sizes

We offer window sills in widths that extend up to 450 mm, giving you the flexibility to adapt your project to your specific needs. Our window sills come in standard thicknesses of 10, 12, 16 or 19 mm, but we can also customize the dimensions to your wishes.

For a simple and efficient installation, we can also offer solutions with grooves for mounting clips, which further simplifies the assembly process (see our mounting system here).

Our window sills are also available as an extent and cover board, which enables you to create a coherent and stylish design throughout the project. Our window sills are the perfect choice to give your walls and surfaces a neat and professional look while offering a durable and durable solution.

vit smygpanel från abeco

Other products

Corner system with C pins

Window benches

Wrapped with white water-resistant foil.

Also supplied as end edge listed.

Different dimensions and lengths, contact us for more information.

Customized solutions

At abeco, we work with wood-based material - e.g. chipboard, MDF, plywood, spruce - wrapped with foil or veneer, untreated or varnished. We also supply components of the above materials without foil or veneer, for example details that are exactly cut, drilled, with dowels etc.

We manufacture, according to customer wishes, interior details for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sills for windows and doors, and other standard mouldings. Most of our mouldings can be fitted with Nattaro Safe® to protect the property against bedbugs.

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