Additionary profiles

Corner and connecting profiles for plinths including 135°

Cladding Profiles





System BL cladding profile on chipboard or MDF bases. 

Wrapped with white finishfoil with SH lacquer,
foil with woodenstructure or veneer 
(see surface material)



Delivered in standard measurements
or in exact lengths.

Widths in 5mm intervals up to 450mm, 
wider is deliver as 2 parts with a joint profile.

Standard thickness 10, 12, 15 or 19mm.

Can also be delivered with track for assembly clips, see mounting system


Door Frames / Plinths


Plain doorframes
12x45, 12x50, 12x55, 12x60, 12x65, 12x70 and wider.

Plain plinths
12x45, 12x50, 12x55, 12x60, 12x65, 12x70 and wider.

Traditional doorframes
12x60, 12x70, 12x100

Traditional plinths
12x60, 12x70, 12x100

Surface: coated with white, grey or wooden structures or veneered surface (see surface materials)

Other dimensions on demand


Frame System

Other Profiles

Outer cornerprofile 135°
Corner profile
Cornice 19x27
Cornice 19x43
Inner cornerprofile 135°
Profile 12x22
Profile 10x28